Leaving Space

There is no non-existence! There is no void! Everywhere bodies that move on the unshakable basis of space. If space were limited, it would no longer be space, but body, which is why it has no limits.

There are no barriers for the soul: the astral body can go anywhere. Moving in space occurs instantly.

The astral plane is a subtle world, a certain layer of reality that does not have a definite form as physical reality. The astral plane, like the astral body, responds to the desires of man and changes in accordance with his desires and emotions. In the astral world there are no time and space restrictions.

There are 4 known degrees of visualization of the Astral, which differ in their perception of form and color.

One of the degrees of visualization is that a person cannot see colors and shapes; he only feels space with vague black-and-white-gray contours that change shape and appearance.

This project aims to visualize the first degree of exit of a physical body from its space.

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Mykolayiv, Ukraine